Parish Pilgrimage to Walsingham

The Parish Pilgrimage to Our Lady's Shrine in Little Walsingham, Norfolk first took place in the very early 1960s when Fr Peter Keightley became the Vicar of The Holy Spirit Southsea. Since those early days the Pilgrimage has become an annual event with some of us clocking up 50 visits. Walsingham, for those pilgrims, has become like a second home and a place of peace and comfort where we can recharge the batteries and enjoy the company of many, many lovely people.

These photographs span the decades of our pilgrimages to Walsingham and hopefully you will recognise some of the pilgrims now gone but still very much in our hearts and always remembered, especially when we are in Walsingham each year.

The Holy House in the Shrine Church


The Front of Shrine Church


Just one of the outside Stations of the Cross


The Calvary in the Shrine Gardens


1981 - Sean Kanavan on his 10th birthday in the old refectory with Ena Russell, Margaret Jewell and Eddie Eades


Candlelit Procession with Fr David Dunn, Vicar and Fr Kevin Bidgood, curate (in the days when Holy Spirit had two curates and one could be left 'to mind the shop!')


Bill Payne with three of our then very young servers, Richard Eades, Sean Kanavan and Michael Chitty


Dawn Hasker and Sharon Holloway escorting the image of Our Lady in Procession


Albert Young, Jacquie Holloway, Kay Bidgood, and Thelma James singing the Pilgrim Hymn


Waiting for the coach outside the Shrine Church. From the left: Mrs Jeisdney, Kay Bidgood, Atelli Little, Bill Payne, Anthony Groves, Betsy Dunn, Margaret Harrison, Jill Eades, Joan Seward, Keith Day, Vic Hardcastle, Jacquie Holloway, Sue Kanavan, Cliff Holloway, Michael Bourner, Veronica Bourner, Phillip Kanavan and Percy Dunn.


Outside the Roman Catholic Shrine. Anthony Groves, Bill Payne, Fr Goddard, curate, Sue Kanavan, Keith Day, Michael Bourner and Phillip Kanavan


Enjoying a local venue


Enjoying a drink and fun in 'The Bull'


Paddling in the Walsingham Ford


Stations of the Cross with the Parish Group in the early 1990s


Drinks and fun in 'The Black Lion' Walsingham late 80s / early 90s. Clockwise from bottom left: Mrs Wareing, Cliff Holloway, (hidden) Jacquie Holloway and Veronica Bourner, Norah Hurrell, Sean Kanavan, Anthony Groves, Paul Bourner, Tom Kanavan, Margaret Harrison, Phillip Kanavan, Joan Seward, Keith Day, Bill Payne, Fr Goddard, Michael Bourner and Graham Wareing.


Sean Kanavan, Michael Chitty, Tom Kanavan and Paul Bourner enjoying being youngsters in Walsingham


Slightly more recent photos

2011 - Thelma James. ?????, Keith Day, Carrie Blandford, Albert Young, Jean Hasker, Jean Gudgeon, Sean Kanavan, Sue Kanavan, Oliver Kanavan, Phillip Kanavan, Tina Kanavan, Val Rose, Fr Julian, Anthony Groves, Michael Bourner, Jeanette Griffiths, Veronica Bourner and Chris Porter.


Candlelit Supper in the Refectory (including fish and chips from Wells, and candles from the Shrine Church - no power in Walsingham for several hours!)


'Three Little Maids' - Jeanette, Chris and Carrie, who shared a cottage in 2012 and said it felt like their college days all over again


2015 - The end of the Pilgrimage Party in St Anne's Sitting Room, a house which often becomes our base for the Pilgrimage each year. Michael Bourner, Tina Kanavan, Richard Fuller, Rosie Kanavan and Ollie Kanavan


As above, with Cliff Holloway, Jacquie Holloway, Father Phillip, Jess Amey, Keith Day, Jean Hasker, Chris Porter and Albert Young


2016 - Back row: Keith Day, Ruth Dash, Joe Lovick, Jean Hasker, Diana Harris, Jacquie Holloway, Molly Morris, Veronica Bourner, Michael Bourner, Phillip Kanavan and Anthony Groves. Front row: Fr Phillip, Richard Fuller, Val Rose, Jean Gudgeon, Sue Kanavan and Denise McCalleff